You used to sing me a song, remember? You used to tell stories about anything just to keep our conversation going. But now you barely talk to me, you don’t sing a song for me anymore. You seem to be voiceless while I’m here trying to figure out how will I be able to hear your voice in this pure silence between us. This silence may be deafening, but I’m still hoping that one day I will hear your voice in-between.

once I let you
hold my hand
and keep my heart;

handle it
with care.

It’s quite

— please, (av)

I miss talking to you. I miss having a conversation with you till dawn. I miss those words you usually say to me, those words that I thought would never mean anything to me but it turns out to be the opposite; now it means everything to me.

Ayoko na haaaaaays

hi! nabasa ko sa bio mo ur a radtech student. same here!! :) (fc ko lang :( hahaha)

Hi ate! :) Tropang RadTech na itu :3 Hahaha. Saang school kayo? :)

Tinatamad na akong magreview :( haaaaaays

  • Ako: Umayos ka, baka mabagsak kitang radtech ka. Jusme. Mahal-mahal mong libro ka, kaya cooperate please.
Can I be that person?


The one thats constantly on your mind. That one person you would always reply so fast. The one your friends hear about every day of their lives. The one you check up on every now and then just to see how their day is going. The one that makes your day, the one that you’d do anything for. The one you smile non stop about. The one you can be your complete self around. The person you love more than anything


Pain is so demanding. Always needing to be felt.

Sa wakas! Naturn-on ko na iPad ko :’) Buti nalang talaga, nandito pa naman yung assignment ko sa English na ang haba-haba huhuhuhu